If you are here to find out what you have missed in class….

Then please log in to:   http://www.engradewv.com   and check your list of assignments.   All grades are posted.  Remember, “MIS or M” stands for missing, which means you need to make-up that assignment (until the assignment is made-up the “MIS / M” averages the grade as a zero).  An “E” means you are exempt or excused from that assignment (in the case of a daily participation assignment which can not be made-up).

In addition, check the class bookshelf drawers labeled “Handouts” and “Worksheets” to pick up any activity sheets or note handouts you may need to complete your missing assignments.  If you miss a quiz or test – you must come in at lunch to take the exam, etc.

Don’t forget to check under the Español I or Español II tabs for study guides and class powerpoints.