Las clases de la Señorita Santos


On Tuesday, November 1, 2016 the Spanish classes at Logan High School will be celebrating “El día de los muertos”.  The celebration of Latino food and fellowship will be take place in the LHS Cafeteria after school between the hours of 5:00pm – 7:00pm. 

Party Notes

  •      50 Extra Credit Points will be given for preparing a Latino/Hispanic dish for the fiesta…
  •      It is your responsibility to find a Latino recipe to prepare.  Check cookbooks or see some of the attached Internet links at the bottom of the page.  Your family may already have a tried and true Latino dish or dessert you wish to share will everyone.  Remember the dish/dessert can come from any of the 21 Spanish Speaking countries.  Once you have decided on a dish/dessert to make, then  sign-up with Srta. Santos (sign-up by Monday, October 23, 2015).
  •      See Srta. Santos for EXTRA CREDIT for bringing spoons/forks/cups/beverages…

Important Information

  •    Concerning the seasonings in your dish:  Please stick with “MILD” season
  •    Only 3 Spanish/Mexican Rice dishes and only 3 Mexican Cornbread dishes. Sign-up with Santos
  •    If it is possible bring your food in toss-away/throw-away containers…If not, then you must remember to take  your dish with you after the dinner….otherwise the dish will be thrown away – we have nowhere to store these dishes.
  •    Refried beans do not count as a prepared dish, but may accompany a dish.
  •    Salsa and Chips do not count as a dish, but they may accompany a dish.

Special Note to Everyone Preparing Food

Because LHS has students with nut allergies we ask that all food prepared and served to be nut and nut by product free.  Please delete all nuts as an ingredient.


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